Our train wall art is handmade from steel and looks great hanging on the wall in the living room, play room or any other room in the house. It also makes an excellent gift for any fan of steam trains.

Our wall art is available in a range of bright, vibrant powder coated colours or can be left as plain steel. The trains and carriages can be ordered in different colours. Please see the pictures to make your choices of colour and message us with your order.

The train wall art is priced at £34.95 for a locomotive plus £25.00 for each carriage. Alternatively carriages can be purchased separately at £29.95 each.


Approximate dimensions:

Locomotive: Height - 22cm, length - 30cm

Carriage: Height - 18cm, length - 24cm


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Handcrafted Train Steel Wall Art

PriceFrom £29.95